Natalee Woods

author. dreamer. music lover.


no, not that kind.

Natalee's forthcoming non-fiction book, Boob Job: Confessions of a Department Store Bra Fitter is based on her experience fitting women for bras for over a decade. It is structured around her personal experience and adopts a largely satirical style. However, woven into the humor are subtle and profound insights into larger issues, such as the relationship between women and their bodies and their sexual, social, and cultural meanings. Boob Job provides an in-depth look into not only a lingerie dressing room, but into the minds of women today as they continue to negotiate with society's pressures and influences. 

Natalee's erratic dating life, coupled with her personal trajectory dealing with the death of her parents, play small roles throughout the narrative. Both defeated by the same cancer a few years apart, Natalee spends a majority of her twenties navigating grief in an effort to find meaning. Fraught with uncertainty, she continues to go back to a presumably purposeless — yet available job, working for one of the nation’s top leading specialty retailers. It isn’t until she circles back to her hometown after caring for her father that clarity prevails, offering a remarkable lesson on love, loss, and gratitude. Natalee gains, through the raw exchanges of vulnerability, an unexpected reverence, finding humility in life’s hardships, humor in the morose, and magic in the unknown. 

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